Approach To Business

SPS believes in the adage - the right person for the right job. The best organizations are built with a talented, highly motivated workforce. Headhunting enables us to identify the right candidates that can add competitive advantage to your company and bring sustainable value.

We follow a simple but effective approach:

  • Go into the market to track and identify high potential candidates
  • Exploit the large network and good will we have built with Indian industry over 2 decades
  • Use the latest technologies - internet, intranet etc. to keep in touch with these hi-performers
  • Assess the potential candidates on telephone or personal interviews


  • Primarily understand our client’s organization culture, value systems, goals and business plans
  • Matchmaking between clients and candidates - a mixture of hi-tech and "Gut-Feel", an expertise, developed over decades in this business
  • Exploit our "infrastructure" of full-fledged office, fully computerized and networked.
  • Utilize the "knowledge base" of professional engineers / MBA's working 'full-time' for us.


Over the last few years, we have fine-tuned the ‘Search Process’. We have rigorous methodologies supported by databases so that we can deliver the right candidate for our clients. We work on tight delivery schedules / Service Level Agreements with our clients.

For more details about our search process, please contact us.