HR Outsourcing

In today’s IT world every organization need to have the outside domain knowledge on a contractual basis to reduce costs, avoid legal implications in hiring people on permanent roles for short-term work, etc.

Why outsourcing or contractual hiring?

  • To reduce cost
  • To increase margins
  • To avoid legal implications
  • To increase shareholders value
  • To save time in recruiting people.
  • To obtain outside domain expertise
  • To deliver the best, cost effective and reliable solutions in shorter time

Parameters to select a consultant?

Any organization having interest in recruiting people on contractual basis, should consider following parameters before selecting consultant as your partner to provide HR services on demand.

Accuracy and Confidentiality

Hiring company should measure the accuracy or quality of the work done by the consultant to bring down the gap between hiring company demand and service provider supply and the most important check has to be on the confidentiality level of the service provider to protect the intellectual property of the hiring company.

Experience and Domain Knowledge

Hiring Company has to see the experience of the consultant in specialized business domains of the concern and also take a check on the domain knowledge of the consultant or service provider to ensure the right supply of manpower, so that Consultant can see the in-depth knowledge of the candidate to be placed in the hiring company.


Consultant should have sufficient talented, experienced, qualified domain experts to take care of hiring company’s requirement. Consultant should have sufficient tools to mine the available database to act on the requirement and Technology to have on time communication with.


Consultant should have proven track record in serving the client’s requirements in different domains.


Management having great vision and mission will always hire great, talented, experienced and highly qualified people to make their vision come true. Management should know how the process happens in HR services rendering, have experience in this field and it’s vital to know the areas and domains of consultant.

Tools and Technology

Consultant should have efficient Software tools to mine the database, interview the candidate over phone, chat, and through web cam. Consultant should also have tools to test and interview the candidate on line. Consultant should have ability to do initial survey to know more and reality about the candidate to give the qualitative manpower to the client. The availability of Internet connectivity is must to enrich the on time communication with the client.

Response Time

Consultant should be able to give qualitative response on the every requirement within in the time frame and should be able replace a candidate in case dropout’s take place.

Dedicated people

Consultant should dedicate the people based on the size of the requirement of the Client.


Consultant should have the presence in the place, where qualitative, experienced, talented and highly qualified manpower availability is very high. So, The average rate of man-hours will become economical and affordable to the hiring company.