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Resume is the first document with which you introduce yourself in the job market. Resume is like a selling instrument that provides the relevant information on your skills and experience to your employer at one glance itself. Remember that no one has the time to read the complete details given in the bio-data. It takes less than half a minute for the employer to decide whether you should be considered for interview call or not. A resume, therefore, has to be well-written and well-structured to get the interview call. It should be informative, precise and neat. Read some of the useful tips which can give you the kind of resume you would need to get the desired job.

How to prepare a resume?

Try to send a covering letter along with your resume.
1 Always tailor your resume according to the job for which you are applying. Your resume should tell about your abilities which suit the position you apply for.
2 Your resume should be informative but not descriptive. Limit to one page. Everything you state in the resume should be authentic.
3 Give a summary of your professional experience in the starting of the resume. Use bold emphasize on your key skills and accomplishments.
4 Emphasize on the nature of the responsibility in your last job and your accomplishments such as expanded sales to include mass market accounts or increased regional sales by 25%.
5 Try to send a covering letter along with your resume.
6 Do not give unnecessary details such as father's name, passport details etc.

Some More Tips:

1 Make sure there are no spelling, typing or grammar mistakes.
2 Do not use fancy fonts. Arial or times are the most commonly used fonts. It should not be larger than 12 and smaller than 10 points.
3 Avoid using lengthy sentences. Use bullets points instead.
4 Avoid using abbreviations. If you do, define them at the end.
5 Consistency should be maintained. If headings are in bold then all headings should be bold only.
6 Do not list present salary.
7 Use good quality paper. Use the same paper for cover letter and the resume.

Structure of a resume

Follow a scheme in structuring the resume. Categorize it in different sections and decide what you want to put under each heading. You can follow the scheme given below:

  • Personal Details: Includes your name, address, phone, age, sex and languages known.
  • Education: Name of the degree, year of passing, college, university/board and percentage.
  • Other Qualifications: Seminars or training camps attended, special skills of typing, computers etc.
  • Work Experience: Company name, period of employment, designation, nature of work.
  • Additional Information: Gives information on the awards and achievements in various fields such sports etc.
  • Hobbies: Mention your interests.

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